The American Spiked Seltzer trend translated for the German beverage market.






Branding, Packaging

After learning about Hard Seltzer on a US-trip, the founders came together to bring the new beverage concept — refreshing water with a spike of alcohol — to the German market. Vegan, gluten-free and low-calorie by default, Makai is here to enable consumers to have fun, but a bit more responsibly. The better bad choice, so to say.

In both the branding and the packaging, Very Good Looking’s job was to highlight the main ingredient — water —  and make sure the drink stands out from category competitors.

“We wanted the brand to look like what the product was offering: A pinch of fruit and a lot of refreshing water.

The Hawaiian roots of the name — Makai means 'path to the Sea' — is mirrored in the 'sun'-emblem.”

Tina Tenkmann, CEO & Creative Lead

The award-winning Berlin brand starts out with five flavors and over a 1000 listings in German retail.

”The brand name is a promise,“ says founder and CEO Nico Bödeker. ”Makai stands for ecologically sustainable business practices. We advocate for clean oceans and donate a part of our earnings for the protection of maritime ecosystems.”